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Dear Tower 13 guest,

Thank you for joining us at Tower 13!

We do our very best to make sure every guest leaves Tower 13 happier than when they arrive. But that can be difficult to accomplish if there isn't any parking available when a guest does arrive. 

So, after you have enjoyed your time at Tower 13, we invite you to leave your car in our parking lot for up to one hour. We hope that gives you ample time to stretch your legs and truly enjoy the amazing Cardiff beach just across the street. 

Leaving your car for no more than an hour after your visit, gives us the opportunity to make sure another guest “leaves Tower 13 happier than when they arrived”, but they need your parking spot before that can happen :)

Note -  We welcome you to leave your car over night until the next morning if you can not safely drive home.  Just let a bartender know before you leave.

Cheers!  --- Doug and Joe

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